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DynaGram DynaStrip Imposition Software

DynaGram DynaStrip Imposition Software

DynaStrip is the new industry standard in imposition. Print professionals worldwide rely on DynaStrip for its superior imposition capabilities and unparalleled flexibility.

DynaStrip operates on Macintosh and Windows platforms, and accepts PDF, PostScript, EPS and DCS files from over 100 applications. It can output to any printer, digital imaging device, imagesetter or platesetter. DynaStrip also enables populated or non populated imposition, and outputs in both PJTF and JDF.

Its powerful object-oriented architecture allows us to fully customize and control your imposition layout. Create and save basic templates, and modify them on the fly for custom jobs, keeping template creation and management to a minimum. Ganging of jobs provides an easy means to maximize your press sheet and reduce waste by combining different jobs on the same sheet. You can even ensure imposition integrity with the help of DynaStrip’s Raster Mode (TIFF preview) and direct-layout PDF.