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Screen PTR-4100 Thermal PlateSetter CTP Output

Screen PTR-4100 Thermal PlateSetter CTP Output

Screen’s thermal CTP solutions are unbeatable for their quality, accuracy and reliability. They consistently output plates with a dot sharpness and registration accuracy that are known for enabling better process control and fast press makereadies. And on top of this, they also offer the benefits of easy daylight handling and efficiency for both short and long runs.

The PlateRite 4100 is specially designed to provide optimal versatility in plate production for 2-page and 4-page presses, even the new larger format 4-page/6-page presses. The PlateRite 4100 is an affordable entry-level solution that can comfortably and consistently output up to 10 plates per hour when working with 28.5" x 24.2" (724 mm x 615 mm) plates at 2,400 dpi.

The PlateRite 4100 is built with a proven external-drum design and comes with the option of inline punching blocks that help ensure perfect on-press register and faster makereadies.