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Why You Need Paper Business Cards for Your Small Business

Why You Need Paper Business Cards for Your Small Business
By Alyssa Gregory on

Technology improves the small business landscape every single day. For example, using the right technology can help you cut costs in your business. Technology can also streamline communication by connecting you with clients and colleagues all over the world when you use teleconference and webinar services. Technology also gives you access to online training and information that you can learn from and use to grow your business.
While using technology in these and other ways is vital in order for your business to be successful, there are some areas where small business owners should be more hesitant to let go of tradition. Using printed business cards is one example of this.

Technology Gives Us Options

There is certainly no denying that technology gives us the ability to move to an all-digital method of exchanging contact information at meetings, conferences and networking events through our smartphones, QR codes and other touch devices and apps created just for this purpose. But, should we?
My perspective is that while small business owners should embrace these technological advances, they should be used in addition to traditional methods of exchanging contact information.

Holding on to Tradition

Paper business cards are still a worthy tool in a small business owner's networking toolkit, and here's why:

· Handing over a physical business card can be a powerful touchpoint that can amplify your first impression.

· In professional settings, business cards are still expected in order to round out introductions.

· While not trash-proof or immune to the possibility of being misplaced, paper business cards are not susceptible to a technology glitch that will prevent information from being retrievable later.

· Your business card can provide easy access to all of your most important contact information, and drive people to your website.

· A business card can be used for more than just networking when you include it in physical mailings and promotions.

· An effective business card can be a powerful part of your brand that engages the recipient and makes him or her want to learn more about you.

· A paper business card is harder to forget, and it can continue to make an impact long after that first meeting.